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Our Vision


We see a bright future for Hillside Primary School because we believe all children will be successful if we work hard to make it so.

We see children and adults who are safe, happy and ready to learn.

We see everyone respecting each other in the way they communicate and the way they act.

We see children and adults who are honest, even when it is difficult.

We see learners, adults and children, excited by their learning and doing their best to learn well.

We see children and adults who are proud of their own and others’ achievements.

We see adults with consistently high expectations who enjoy sharing new ideas to improve the learning in the school.

We see parents who value school and learning; who know how to support their child to do the best they can.

We see challenges being embraced and effort being celebrated.

We see a school where learners’ potential and interests are developed through opportunities inside and outside the school day

We see all children being supported to enjoy all aspects of school life.

We see a school environment which engages and stimulates learners inside and out.

We see our school in the heart of our community, used and valued as a learning hub.


We see a bright future for Hillside. 

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