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Staff List - Academic Year 2019-20

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher - Mr  C D'Cunha
Acting Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum and Assessment) - Mrs C Jewell
Assistant Headteacher (SEND and Inclusion) - Mrs C Mitchell
Lead Practitioner (Key Stage 1 & EYFS) - Mrs C Warnekey
Lead Practitioner (Key Stage 2) - Mrs L Warwick

Teaching Staff


Mrs C Crump - Nursery Leader
Mr R Pennell
(Am - Penguin, Pm - Polar Bear)
Mrs T Haylock - Year Leader (Panda)
Mrs E Hammond (Tiger)
Miss A Thompson (Elephant)

Key Stage 1

Year 1
Ms A Donnelly - Year Leader (Dolphin)
Miss E Johnson (Koala)
Mrs C Warnekey & Miss V Jordan (Kangaroo)
Year 2
Mrs F Scarlett - Year Leader (Flamingo)
Miss V Cauvain (Jaguar)
Miss H Chamberlain - Writing & Oracy Lead (Turtle)

Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3
Miss K Brooks - Year Leader (Meerkat)
Miss K Bligh (Giraffe)
Mrs E Cain & Mrs N Ludden (Zebra)
Year 4
Miss L Thurston - Year Leader & Mrs S Avram (Orca)
Mr A Hobbs (Alligator)

Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5
Mr C Brierley (Camel)
Mrs C Jewell & Mrs L Warwick (Cobra)
Mrs E Hadgraft - (Chameleon)
Year 6
Mr P Laws - Yr 6 Leader (Eagle)
Mrs D Doling - Acting Maths Lead (Fox)
Mrs A Lawman - Reading Lead (Wolf)

PPA Cover, Booster and Specialist Teaching

Mrs H Cooper - Music Teacher
Mr M Garnham - PE and Sport Instructor
Mrs E Maddison - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Dr C Teevan-Hanman - Supply Cover
Mrs L Terry - Supply Cover
Mrs K Dixon - Supply Cover
Mr A Torres - PPA Cover Teacher

Alternative Provision

Mrs S Woolnough

English as an Additional Language Team

Mrs M Metcalfe - EAL Lead
Miss D Demeter - EAL Learning Support
Miss N Douglas - EAL Learning Support

Breakfast Club

Mrs J Mayhew - Breakfast Club Leader

Learning Support Staff

Inclusion Team

TBC - Family Support Practitioner
Mrs H Ransom - Pupil Needs Mentor
Miss A Arkuszewska - Pupil Induction Mentor and Family Support Worker

Nursery Nurses & EYFS Practitioners

Mrs S Gant
Mrs S Greenhalgh
Ms E Hoggett
Miss J Milan
Miss D Rolf
Mrs N Vince


Mrs S Hodge

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs K Brame
Mrs K Canham
Mr R Cavill
Mrs K Cheesman
Mrs T Clark
Miss A Cudmore (Maternity Leave)
Miss A Curry
Miss J Damant
Miss A Drechny
Miss S Dunn 
Mrs L Evans
Miss S Hagan-Boyle
Mrs S Lake
Miss E Lander
Mrs K Leitch
Miss S Moody
Mrs T Moore
Mrs I Shute
Mrs X Talman
Mr S Ward
Mrs F Wells
Mr F LaBella
Mrs J Mayhew

Other Support Staff

Office Administration

Ms K Bailey - Business Manager
Mrs N Wood - Admin Officer - Admissions
Mrs L Clarke - Admin Assistant - Attendance
Mrs V Collett - Admin Assistant
Ms A Marsh - Admin Assistant
Mr S Bultitude - Business & Administration Apprentice

Site Management

Mr C Manning - Senior Site Manager
Mr H Watling - Assistant Site Manager
Mr M Brooks - Assistant Caretaker

ICT Support

Mr C Hardwick - IT Operations Manager

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs J Mayhew - Lunchtime Leader
Miss S Dunn - Lunchtime Leader
Mrs C Barker
Mrs T Clark
Mrs T Cunha
Miss J Grant
Mr F LaBella
Mrs R Best
Mrs S Lake
Mrs T Moore
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