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Introducing our Parent Ambassadors.....

  Tania Cunha    

Speaks Romanian

Speak Portuguese

Responsibility for KS1

Responsibility for KS2

Emma Hurrell Magda Metcalfe    


Leader of Community Engagement
Speaks Polish






What do our Ambassadors do?

Parent Ambassadors:

There are occasions throughout the academic year when it is great to have parents there to answer other parent's questions, share their wisdom and talk positively about their experience as parents of Hillside Primary School. There are also events and special occasions where we welcome parent representation by the Parent Ambassadors.

Role of a Parent Ambassador:

Parent volunteers who support the school

They work to promote greater links between home and school

They are introduced to all staff /they wear t-shirt-parent ambassador/their name and the picture is displayed on the notice board with a short description of their role in school

They take part in PTA events and other school events

They represent different language communities in our school

They assist with the admission and induction of new pupils

They give support during parent consultations, assessments of children or curriculum evenings and assisting with the translation of letters, newsletters etc. as required

They liaise and consult with parents from target communities to establish their needs

They organise cultural events with parents and children

They support new parent ambassadors when appropriate

Parent Ambassadors meet once a half term just after the school drop off. If you would like to be Parent Ambassador please contact Mrs. M. Metcalfe.

We know that parents are often busy, this system means that you can commit to as little or as much as you like over the course of your child’s time at school.

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